For more than 10 years, we’ve had experts, who span a variety of industries, focused on helping customers like you do more with your business. Our goal is to help you reduce complexity, building efficiency, and giving you that extra edge to achieve goals.

Remove the headaches, unknowns and wasted time caused by guesswork. A WiFi survey gives your customer peace of mind while increasing your opportunities and profit. Let SoftNet Solutions Services’s certified team of experts work for you. Our WiFi Services team covers all major manufacturers, like Aruba Networks. From surveying to successfully installing WLAN or mesh projects, we do the heavy lifting and deliver certified turn-key projects! We’ll even help troubleshoot those issues that are a result of not doing a WiFi survey first.

  • Our valuable, fully documented and 100% guaranteed WiFi surveys:
  • Ensure a successful, seamless implementation
  • Engage a great team of people to get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Propel your profits with fast turnarounds
  • Eliminates costly troubleshooting

Readiness assessments test your sites data network by simulating your IP voice and IP video solution. We test before your installation, to ensure your success. Our remote assessment has tremendous value, as the test can be conducted quickly and for less money. We also have a very affordable WAN test, that tests the traffic between locations. Keep your planned deployment in check!

  • Identifying potential issues early keeps projects on target
  • Post-production troubleshooting costs are eliminated
  • Customer satisfaction is maximized