Our consultants are certified experts with vast experience in hadoop and its eco-system components, data management, infrastructure design and data warehousing principals. Our teams have designed multiple peta-byte size clusters and currently manage peta-bytes of production workloads, and have extensive experience in designing, building, deploying, and supporting the Hadoop platform and ecosystem of tools in Enterprises.

Alignment of your architecture to specific use cases is key to maximizing the value of your data. SoftNet offers the most technical insight to help move your Hadoop cluster from proof of concept to production quickly, painlessly, and with peak performance. No one has more real-world experience with Big Data deployments than our Consultants.

Our Implementation Consultants work side-by-side with you in design sessions and during the development of key technical components. This allows your team to directly participate in creating the application and vision for your business needs. We have one objective that drives everything we do: to help you achieve your goals and have you become a customer for life.

Implementation and Migration

We will assess your current environment and then install and configure Hadoop Distribution of your choice for your particular infrastructure. If you’re currently using a specific Hadoop distribution, we’ll move the data over to any other Distribution, ensuring a smooth transition with zero data loss.

Health Check and Tuning/Optimization

Maintaining and optimizing Hadoop for your current environment is critical to the long-term success of your Hadoop deployment. Our Services team will review the optimization and performance attributes of your environment, and help you understand how to diagnose, improve and maintain the performance of your Hadoop deployment.

Hadoop Infrastructure Design

Our goal is to ensure your infrastructure outperforms standards at every stage of the Big Data lifecycle. Any successful solution must be built on a solid base. Often, the greatest challenge to generating value from data in Hadoop is establishing the system architecture to support each relevant use case. We will work side-by-side with your development and operations teams to install or upgrade and certify your Hadoop environment and ensure the success of your Big Data project.
Our Consultants draw on the most significant Hadoop knowledge base, documenting deployments across all industries to configure your cluster to use-case specifications and fine-tune to avoid downstream issues.

Solution Design/Implementation

Our Data Engineers will help you fully realize the benefits of your Hadoop investment by designing and implementing a comprehensive solution that will perform optimally within your particular environment. All aspects of your implementation will be addressed, including hardware infrastructure, data sources, ecosystem software, and operations considerations.


The first step in any Hadoop implementation is data ingestion and transformation. SoftNet will develop and implement a customized ingestion/ETL plan that includes identifying the multiple data sources and file formats, transforming them to meet your needs, and loading the data into the data structures best suited to your needs for further analysis.

Application Development

Our team of data experts can help you design, build and optimize your big data applications. Whether it’s building Java MapReduce jobs, implementing in Apache Pig, building distributed indexes, constructing Apache Hive (HQL) queries, or building complex data models, SoftNet provides the experience and expertise you need.

Data Aggregation

Our Data Consultants will assist you with data aggregation so that you can quickly and accurately consolidate and fuse data from various sources.

Presentation Layer

From start to finish, SoftNet will create the most optimal data flow: from integrating data sources, to Hadoop, to the presentation layer.

SoftNet provides onsite support to design, prototype, deploy, secure, and optimize the complete data pipeline from ETL to data science. We also offer expertise in web servers, distributed logging, message buses, search indexing, and databases.