SoftNet Solutions offers assessment services to review your present IT environment and prepare recommendations to achieve cost savings and compliance, and accomplish business goals that aren’t served by their current IT assets. Our engineers use their deep industry experience and employ best-in-class tools to prepare a professional end-user presentation of our findings for you.

Server Assessment – Reduce costs for the datacenter by deploying fewer servers, increasing uptime and make your IT department more efficient. The SoftNet Solutions consolidation assessment will identify servers that are candidates for virtualization and that should be consolidated to save money. We provide you with a detailed inventory of hardware, existing workloads and specific roadmap. Complete with compelling ROI summaries. The average workload for a server in the datacenter is 3-4%

  • Consolidation is a natural launching point to deliver additional benefits: High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Rapid Provisioning/De-Provisioning of servers
  • Much simpler Management
  • Reduced Cooling/Electrical Costs
  • Reduced Floor space
  • Much lower capital and operational costs

Storage Assessment – Enterprise storage solutions can become cluttered, de-centralized and inefficient over time as application requirements and budgets may strain existing storage infrastructure. This “evolution over time” can create a storage environment where much of what is stored is duplicate information. Many environments have multiple storage solutions, which add complexity and expense that may make sense to reduce and simplify. Roadmap for de-duplication of data

  • Complex Compute/Storage/HyperConverged solutions that meets current business requirements and significant growth
  • Make sure that performance is there for applications that are highly transactional
  • Business continuity recommendations are deliverables from a storage assessment