SoftNet Solutions has partnered with HyperGrid to provide total visibility, control, and automation of your hybrid and multi-cloud environments powered by a predictive analytics engine with over 400 million benchmarked data points.

Plan With Confidence

Eliminate the guesswork to streamline cloud planning, modeling, management and migration

Maximize ROI

Reduce costs and maximize cloud ROI with predictive application costs, insights, and recommendations

Centralize Management

Manage workloads, data, and spend across all major public and private clouds – from a single pane of glass

Secure Apps and Data

Get turnkey policies for security to keep apps and data safe, and employ best practices at scale

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Made Simple

Ensure cloud success and accelerate cloud projects via a platform with built-in best practices. Take a proactive approach to all aspects of cloud management by leveraging intelligence, automation, and analytics to accelerate workflows, eliminate risks, lower costs, and remediate issues before they derail your efforts.

Plan Cloud Migration

Build a migration plan within minutes, not months. Eliminate the manual process of building a migration plan with our auto-discovery and right-sizing capabilities.

Optimize Cloud Costs

Predictive analytics helps you select the right cloud instances and services and avoid surprise bills. Conduct cloud bill analysis, Reserved Instance (RI)-optimization, and continuous cost-optimization based on your cloud usage.

Secure Your Cloud

Monitor your resources and user actions in real time, using a compliance-analysis dashboard based on best practices for identifying non-compliant resources. Implement guardrails and policies tailored for specific groups of users and resources.

Scale Your Cloud Strategy

Provide IT self-service across your organization with governance and security guardrails, showback, chargeback, and budget controls. Modernize your applications with CI/CD and container services automat

Our Solutions

Manage Hybrid Environment

Simplify IT operations for on-premise, private, and public cloud

Plan Migration

Automate assessments to accelerate your IaaS migration projects

Optimize Costs

Eliminate overspend by optimizing your cloud-cost base on usage

Govern and Secure

Secure your applications and data with turnkey policy automation

Gain DevOps Agility

Automate IT and DevOps workflows at scale across your hybrid environment

Automate Container Services

Modernize apps with comprehensive support for containers in production