HP’s Vertica Analytics Database is the industry’s leading analytics platform purpose built to derive maximum value from Big Data with unmatched speed, scale, and simplicity. It was purpose-built from the ground up to enable companies to extract value from their data at the speed and scale they need to thrive in today’s economy.

Vertica is the leading column based, shared-nothing data analytics server; and one of the best solution for handling large volumes of data streams and provide near real-time data access capabilities over SQL.

We installed and managed Vertica’s largest clusters (varies from 4 to 200+ nodes) in the cloud as well as privately managed data centers.

We offer following consulting services related to Vertica:

  • Help to drive Vertica integration into data analytics/BI/data warehouse platform
  • Vertica installation, tuning, administration and 24/7 support
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Cluster management, node management
  • Real-time analytics support
  • Schema, projections, encoding design and implementation
  • Segmentation and partitioning of data
  • ETL, batch loading, aggregation
  • Report integration
  • Hadoop/MapReduce integration

How does HP Vertica work with Hadoop

Building on the rich heritage of Hadoop connectivity, HP Vertica enables you to navigate and explore the data stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for extraordinary business insight – often challenging to explore in traditional database platforms. HP Vertica delivers the industry’s most open “SQL- on-Hadoop” capabilities. Unlike other SQL-on-Hadoop solutions, HP Vertica works with major Hadoop distributions, ensuring high-performance analytics across the broadest range of data types and sources.
Specifically, the new HCatalog schema support feature simplifies loading data from Hadoop into the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. This feature lets you access data while dealing with changing schemas in your big data files. With this new feature, you no longer need to spend time recreating schema definitions in HP Vertica when the data changes. In addition, you can more easily explore external tables stored in Hadoop. HP Vertica also offers secure access to your data stored in HDFS with Kerberos authentication. This secure HDFS Connector ensures security by mapping HP usernames into Kerberos principals for authentication against the Kerberos server. To validate access, Hadoop is presented with Kerberos authentication information.

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