A thorough Analytics Strategy is the roadmap to success. Our consultants will work with the business and technical stakeholders to create a growth plan for your business initiatives.

Use-Case Discovery

As part of our Advanced Analytical services, SoftNet will send a Data Scientist to your site who will conduct a use-case discovery session in order to gain a clear understanding of business priorities as well as existing workflows/data sources available for analytics. Use-cases will be identified, and a roadmap will be created for Big Data development and training so that you can become self-sufficient.

Architecture Advisory

You understand your technical goals, and want the best path to achieving them—we’ll work with you to plan and create a technical architecture that meets those needs and is a platform for future capability.

The end result of these processes is a strategy, or architectural plan, designed to meet your needs and deliver value early. From here, the next step will be to build out a solution. Those who already have developed their own plans can engage us directly at the build stage.

Data Modeling

Our Data Scientists will identify the best way to transform and structure raw data and will create a custom data model for your particular use case.

Statistical Methods

Our team will create the right algorithm or statistical model in order to meet your speed, reliability, and maintenance goals.

Machine Learning

SoftNet will assess your business needs, define the business case, and recommend the appropriate machine learning methods.