SOFTNET SOLUTIONS SERVICESolv’s VDI Assessment is an effective method for evaluating the impact that a virtual desktop solution will have on your customer’s business. This comprehensive service evaluates all customer requirements and outlines a solution that achieves the expected benefits, while continuing to promote enterprise qualities and protect existing investments.

Our SERVICESolv VDI Assessment considers both the business and technological aspects of your customer’s objectives.

What Is the Value of SOFTNET SOLUTIONS SERVICESolv VDI Assessments for You?

  • Executive overview of findings
  • Comparison between proposed VDI solution vs. current application delivery model
  • Projected costs and ROI/TCO calculations
  • Includes recommended implementation plan to make the switch to a VDI environment
  • Delivery of a VDI Assessment Report – a clear roadmap and list of all necessary components to build out an effective VDI Solution


SERVICESolv VDI Assessment Features

  • We audit existing infrastructure utilizing automated tools and data collection processes
  • Workshop conducted by SOFTNET SOLUTIONS
  • Perform interviews with key stakeholders within organization
  • SOFTNET SOLUTIONS analyzes the data, evaluates viable solutions, and outlines the best VDI opportunities available

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