In partnership with HP, SoftNet Solutions has developed a comprehensive Storage Assessment Program that provides a roadmap to optimizing storage investments for you. An end-to end storage strategy helps manage your costs and reduce risks while meeting user needs and enabling business applications. With the SoftNet Solutions Storage Assessment Program, you can reduce risk by being better informed and able to make critigal storage dessions with greater precision.

The Storage Assessment Program has three basic steps:

  • Deploy an HP server, pre-configured with HP Storage Essentials, for your customer
  • Collect and analyze data, focusing on documenting the existing environment and identifying future growth and performance needs, including tiered storage and data archiving
  • Produce a design with ROI and strategic deliverables for your customer


The final assessment will introduce efficiencies and evolving storage to meet end-user and business goals.

What Is the Value of the SoftNet SERVICESolv Storage Assessment Program for You?

  • Leverage our storage specialist engineers
  • We are your “trusted advisor”
  • Make predictive investments in storage, software, and networking, creating greater business opportunities


SoftNet SERVICESolv Storage Assessment Program Features

  • Survey of storage assets offers an accurate snapshot of the existing infrastructure
  • Development of an end-to-end storage strategy helps manage costs and reduce risks
  • Creation of a roadmap shows the efficiencies of consolidation and the ability to meet Service Level Objectives
  • Identify opportunities for introducing industry-standard best practices and technologies
  • Long-term storage growth and consolidation recommendations