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Network Security in a Mobile World

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Network Security in a Mobile World


Corporate mobility has changed the way IT now thinks about security. Employees want to use their favorite devices to work from anywhere. Many of the cloud apps that power business-critical work utilize direct-to-the-Internet pathways that don’t necessarily pass through traditional enterprise network protections, and the devices themselves lack built-in security features to protect your organization from crippling attacks. Are you concerned that these factors have left your perimeter-based defenses vulnerable to potential threats? If you’re rethinking your security strategy, there are important elements to consider:

1509650815-23797551-35x55-icon-1Enhanced policy writing: Block more threats by incorporating real-time data from user profiles, devices, connection types, app requests, time of day, and more into your authentication algorithms.

1509646470-23797541-44x45-icon-2Device health checks: According to Skycure, 33 percent of all mobile devices can be categorized as medium-to-high risk. Therefore, you need a security solution that identifies malware when the device requests access, and automatically prevents malicious connections.

1509646470-23797546-42x48-icon-3Integration of wired and wireless networks: Instead of trying to manage security protocols for two separate infrastructures, you can simplify administration and eliminate more vulnerabilities by implementing a unified network management solution.

1509650814-23797556-40x40-icon-4Portal separation: By creating distinct access rules and essentially quarantining guest accounts, you can keep hackers from being able to move through the network.

1509650814-23797561-50x35-Icon-5End-to-end visibility: Knowing exactly who and what is connected to your network — and analyzing exactly what they are doing — is critical to identifying the anomalous behaviors that signal advanced threats to your organization.


Implementation Secrets

You may think that you need an expensive, disruptive rip-and-replace project to get this level of digital security. At SoftNet Solutions, we prefer to leverage a company’s existing assets and evolve current environments wherever possible. In these cases, we recommend Aruba ClearPass to unify networking assets from all your vendors and provide a streamlined interface for quickly implementing the sophisticated, end-to-end security policies discussed above. It also lets you collect information from every security appliance on your network to further mitigate risk through analytics and automation. As the premier Bay Area Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner, we can show you how solutions from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, can help you strengthen security in a way that minimizes disruption and speeds ROI. Contact us today for a design plan customized for your environment and business objectives.